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Username Krankzinnigheid
Gender Female
Age 15
Rank InverseSoul



Kran, Kran, Kran... May be a bit of a Genki Girl . Give her a male RPer to go with and she's definitely a Manic Pixie Dream Girl who you definitely don't want to be around when it's Caffeine Bullet Time , which she can easily trigger by consuming anything sugar related whatsoever .

Tends to be a Giftedly Bad artist most of the time (with the exception that she actually doesn't think her artwork is all that brilliant), but it all turns out good enough so long as she isn't singing . Or more specifically rapping. Don't ever ask about her relationships or the sheer amount of Belligerent Sexual Tension may actually drive you insane.

When it comes to Kran's characters, Suzaku is a Musical Assassin of sorts, and while Headphones Equal Isolation, it's not quite as endearing when his Disco Tech is killing you with the Power of Rock. He's got red hair that goes to blonde along with red and gold eyes and tan skin . He's got a glowing japanese mark that persists on his forehead to go with his glowing hair and wings. His true form is a pheonix, and i've only just barely finished his physical description!


Eden AwardsEdit

  • Best Profile pictures
  • Best Roleplayer
  • Most Active (Winner)
  • Most Infamous
  • Best Genderbender
  • User of the Year (Winner)



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